The World's 3rd Biggest Hospital, in South Africa.

Suppliers How to get your company listed

Getting ready to sell your Products or Services to the World's 3rd biggest hospital is easy. Here's how our system works:

  • Create Your Account

    Create your account as a Supplier. It is entirely free of charge, but requires an official corporate website/email address.

  • List Your Categories

    List your company's Product and/or Service Categories. You may create any missing Categories, add properties and pictures.

  • Be Invited to RFQs

    You will be invited to an RFQ ("Request for Quote") whenever the hospital requires a Product or Service that your company offers.

  • Submit Your Offer

    For each property of the requested Product/Service you can specify to what degree you can satisfy the hospital's requirement.

  • Sign the Contract

    When your offer is selected, the necessary information is transferred for the contract to be finalised and signed.

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Innovation Showroom

We are additionally preparing an space for your company to prominently introduce and display new and innovative Products and Services. Take a look.

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