The World's 3rd Biggest Hospital, in South Africa.

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital Departments

Department of Internal Medicine

Head: -currently unspecified- (Chief Specialist)


The Department of Medicine include subspecialties of Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Pulmanology, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Haematology and Infectious Diseases.

Admissions: 3'000 per month

Admissions have risen by 40% over the past 5 years, largely as a result of the HIV/Aids pandemic. The death rate of admitted patients exceeds 10%.

Bed status:

  • General: 693
  • Admission Unit: 50
  • Neurology: 40
  • Renal Dialysis: 36
  • Coronary Care: 14
  • Total: 833

Staff posts:

  • Specialists: 45
  • Registrars: 40
  • Medical Officers: 13
  • Community Service Officers: 8
  • Interns: 27
  • Total: 133


Education continues to be a high priority. Approximately 40 nursing sisters in training for the Critical Care Nursing Diploma rotate through the ICU each year.

Registrars from Anaesthesia, Internal Medicine, O&G and Surgery rotate through the Unit for 2 or 3 months at a time, and this time is recognised by both the College of Medicine of SA and the Health Professions Council of SA. In addition, the Unit currently has five Medical Officers on its staff. Registrars and Medical Officers are involved in the day-to-day care of both adult and paediatric patients. During their time here they gain valuable experience in managing ventilatory and inotropic support, the initiation and use of invasive monitoring, the supervision of haemodialysis and rational use of antibiotics and nutritional support.

An active teaching programme is in place, and registrars and MO's are supervised in the preparation of talks and presentations.

Furthermore, the Unit has received accreditation for Critical Care subspecialty training, and the junior consultants employed in the unit are working towards such accreditation.


The Department of Medicine continues to offer quality care to the community of Soweto, and is dedicated to excellence in teaching and research. The major crisis now and in the future is the Aids pandemic.

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